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In 2008, two YouTube stars duked it out in a food battle that was so epic that the video has over 1.4 million views to date.
Food Battle 2008				 | Spanglers – General Blog News
Food Battle 2008 | Spanglers – General Blog News

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Meals Battle 2008

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Carry it on, bitch!

Meals Battle 2008 is a Smosh video launched on July 26, 2008 and is the third installment within the Meals Battle collection. For the third 12 months in a row, Ian and Anthony compete towards one another to show which of their favourite meals is superior.

Anthony’s Favourite Meals: Churros



Anthony is about to observe Toy Story and is teased by his father for believing that it is actual. As he sits down on the sofa, Ian seems saying that he and his pink frosted sprinkled donuts desire a rematch. Anthony says that Ian will not stand an opportunity towards his new favourite meals, churros! Ian accepts the rematch, thus starting Meals Battle 2008.


Sun shades

Ian: Ian is unable to see by means of the holes of his donuts and thus is unable to see the solar. He thinks the solar is pink and frosty after which calls it stunning. End result: X

Anthony: Anthony seems to be straight on the solar, solely to be blinded by the sunshine as he screams in ache. End result: X

Scrumptious Smoothie

Anthony: Anthony places three churros in a blender with some milk. After some time, he takes it out and tries it,

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Donut vs Churro

saying it is scrumptious. End result:

Ian: Ian provides mayonnaise to his smoothie and tries it. At first, it seems that he likes it, however after getting his checkmark, he spits it out. End result:

Ian’s Mother

When Anthony suggests this, Ian tells him that “Your Mother jokes are banned in Meals Battle 2008.” Anthony factors out that there’s a image of Ian’s mother within the catalog. Anthony picks one other problem when Ian asks, “Can we simply do one thing else?!”

Anti Theft Machine

Anthony: Anthony locations his churro on his automobile. A burglar seems and throws the churro away. He takes a 1099 free hours disc from Anthony’s automobile and walks off as Anthony screams in horror. End result: X

Ian: Ian tapes his donut on his automobile. The burglar seems and tries to take it off, when a gunshot out of the blue rings out and he falls lifeless. The digicam pans to Ian holding a gun, however he hides it behind his again and declares that it labored, receiving his checkmark. End result:

Pink-Frosted Sprinkled Donut

Ian: Ian out of the blue realizes his pink frosted sprinkled donut is already a pink frosted sprinkled donut. End result:

Anthony: Anthony throws his churro within the air and it comes down as a pink frosted sprinkled donut. End result:


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Ian: Ian says that he’ll kill his donut’s household if it would not work. Ian prompts his pink frosted sprinkled donut to blow up. He tries to discover a place to place it, however is stopped as he tries to place it close to Anthony’s automobile, Anthony’s pet rock and Benny Jean’s pet flamingo. Ultimately, he throws it behind him however it fails to detonate. After his X, Ian says that he’ll kill his donut’s household. End result: X

Anthony: Anthony lights his churro and waves it round. Ian warns him that it’s about to blow up. It explodes and Anthony loses his arm. Though freaked out, he is pleased it labored. End result:

A weapon that may be thrown from 30 ft away to kill any individual

Ian: Ian sees a man throw a banana peel onto the road. He calls him a littering douchebag and he throws his donut on the man Road Fighter type whereas shouting “Hadouken!” however nothing occurs. End result: X

Anthony: Anthony notices the man decide up a VHS of Toy Story and say that he hates it. The man throws it to the bottom. This makes Anthony indignant, and he runs over to throw his churro on the man however slips on the man’s banana peel. The churro hits Anthony and kills him. Ian seems to be shocked at his demise, however is then revealed to be shocked over leaving trash on the bottom and picks up the banana peel. End result: None


The reporter runs as much as Ian and informs him that he has received Meals Battle 2008. Anthony, who remains to be alive, will get up and throws his churro at Ian, solely to hit the reporter, inflicting him to die slowly, however manages to say his remaining traces. The reporter says that he thought Anthony was lifeless, however Ian says he’s now. The scene cuts to Anthony’s physique, exhibiting he actually is lifeless now. The reporter asks Ian what he needs to do now. Ian says he’s going to have a celebration, and the reporter asks if he can come. Ian says “Yeah,” with the reporter saying “actually?” Ian then shouts, “No!”


Meals Battle 2008/Script

Meals Battle 2008/Gallery


  • That is the second time Benny Jean seems within the Meals Battle collection, with the primary being Meals Battle 2007.
  • That is the primary Meals Battle that Ian doesn’t have a bowl haircut, the second being the ultimate meals battle, Meals Battle 2016.
  • That is the primary Meals Battle video to make use of the “Barney” ending.
  • That is the final Meals Battle video to make use of the unique Smosh intro.
  • El Smosh’s model got here out the identical day as The Neighbors.
  • Anthony getting indignant on the man for hating Toy Story references Kill Invoice (the Ironside Siren additionally performs throughout the flashback).
  • That is the one Meals Battle video the place Anthony unsuccessfully tries to kill Ian.
  • Anthony may have gotten a examine mark on the final problem since he is ready to kill somebody along with his churro.
    • However because the particular person Anthony kills is himself, it doesn’t depend and Anthony loses the battle.


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