Worth a few listens now and then, but should your hunger for all that is metallic and evil become overwhelming this may be forsaken for the likes of the older, Nordic acts. Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the user’s Facebook friends. If your taste leans toward the stage-storming polished Black Metal of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, you might be impressed with Sothis. The Cold Disconnection Originally written for Rockfreaks. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

sothis de oppresso liber

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Sothis – De Oppresso Liber

Have someone rasp into a microphone. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. GuntherTheUndyingApril 16th, So in the end this was a decent listen, but I fear this may not have much staying power. However, intelligent music fans better heed my warning: Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the oppreesso Facebook friends. Alas, even objects that should remain untarnished from this obvious downfall are quickly and permanently sucked in a negative vortex where nothing dwells but everlasting junk, just as expected.

Modern symphonic metal is a tricky venture.

Sothis – De Oppresso Liber Black Metal CD Candlelight United States

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sothis de oppresso liber

Quite what impact the bands location in sunny California will have remains to be seen in the coming months but if you like your Metal hard, heavy yet pleasantly polished you could do a lot worse than check out “De Oppresso Liber”.


What CAN be done? Write about guitar solos per song. Additionally, some of the melodic black metal riffs are deficient in inspiration and become mere fodder in the music, especially on ‘Defiance’.

We wanted to make a record that we would be genuinely proud of and we’ve accomplished that. Everything is too accented, with too many fills, bridges, raspy vocal peaks, wailing solos, and above all too much synthesizer burying everything under layer upon layer of sonic tinsel.

The Cold Disconnection Well Sothis come from that horribly dark place known as Los Angeles, California, yet are the perpetrators of such a totally European sounding BM style one would never consider their homes being across the pond.

Sure, they have the speed and energy necessary to keep their cyber blasphemy afloat and they can burn the candle at both ends in terms of respectability and mainstreamdom, but it sotihs moreā€¦it takes the heart and soul of TRUE black metal that, in the end, seems lacking in this exercise of mechanized misanthropy.

The effect is like staring at a Christmas tree through a beaded gypsy curtain. oppresxo

sothis de oppresso liber

De Oppresso Liber Sothis. This review was written for: Do you want to form a band like Sothis?

Worth a few listens spthis and then, but should your hunger for all that is metallic and evil become overwhelming this may be forsaken for the likes of the older, Nordic acts. From the moment of seeing a picture of Sothis it is clear what lays in store – black metal – and for those more in the know of such subjects, the knowledge too that Sothis reside at the intricate ‘un-kvlt’ end of the scale, far opposed to your sicker dirtier Watain’s or Deathspell Omega’s. –

The speed of attack across “De Oppresso Liber”, best summed up in closer “Perpetual”, mixes ‘fast’ with the ‘pretty fast’, rarely allowing Sothis to inject greater individuality that they no doubt possess into the fray, leaving lessons to be learnt against symphonic metal masters Dimmu Borgir. The main draw back of this release is the ordinary drumming employed.


sothis de oppresso liber

Originally written for www. Exercise the counterfeit idea of symphonic music partaking in the philosophy of extreme metal with redundant keyboards that have been functional in every symphonic black metal band ever. The band’s self-financed video for “Sinister Nation” has seen over 10, views since its premiere and further showcases their commanding live performance.

Far from being all negative, “De Oppresso Liber” features a band competent on their instruments, playing in the style of one of the genres giants in Dimmu and being backed up by a powerful label Candelight which should hold them in good stead to secure a foothold in such an extremely fickle scene as is the BM world.

De Oppresso Liber | Candlelight Records UK

We’ve been able to capture some incredible performances and couple them with some very talented engineers. There is far too much simplistic speedy double-bass drumming that gets tiresome and obnoxious all too rapidly. Dross says, “We are extremely happy to ed working with Candlelight Records. For some, no; however, therein lies the problem: