Doing another event to earn a Touring Car wastes time and isn’t optimal. When the last test is finished, the License will appear and when the animation is done, press Confirm, Up three times, Confirm. Here are the best events for this option:. Don’t worry about trying to Gold all tests all the time. Very old cars that the game doesn’t think are any good “K” cars, most 80’s, etc. Log in Sign up.

speedrunners beta r32

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speedrunners beta r32

To maneuver through the License Tests: Everything starts at Licenses. Don’t worry about trying to Gold all tests all the time.

Gran Turismo 2 Low% Speedrunning

Here are some options: Log in Sign up. Once those are finished, off to the Leagues.


speedrunners beta r32

Make sure the desktop is not locked, and that no other application is running in full screen mode. Cannot access a disposed object. You should test the car you want to use in the Seattle Circuit event in the Pacific League before attempting a run.

speedrunners beta r32

Here are the best choices: Then, press Up twice, Right, Confirm three times to start the next test. Void Update 0x00ca CSpeedRunner.

Speedrunners beta r32 music

Only Horsepower restrictions, and don’t worry too much about them. After crossing the finish line, hold 1 Confirm button and press another until the Replay starts. Avoid running under Remote Desktop or as a Windows service.

Showing 1 – 2 of 2 comments. Example, US Nationals doesn’t require an American car to enter.

Speedrunners beta r32 music

To do most events, you must get Licenses. Void Tick 0xe Microsoft. You’ll need a much faster car for this event, so sell speedrynners and grab something worth 1,cr.

This option will stay throughout the run unless you load a file or reset the console. The cursor always starts at Start, so mash when you get past the loading screen after entering the license menu to start the first test.


To race, you’ll need a car. And, bfta thorugh the parts menu and learning where the cursor will land through menuing is helpful as well. Init default camera CCameraManager. Using or selling any of the cars from this will make the run a License Prizes run, which is different from No License Prizes.

Steam Community :: Speedrunners – [Early Access Beta r32] Vorstellung

You only start with 10,cr, so buy from East City’s Used dealerships, because there isn’t much of a choice. The credits aren’t on the Simulation Mode Disc.

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