Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. I Got You, 7. The first single, “My Mistake” August , peaked at 18 during October, bolstered by the national tour and aided by another distinctive promotional video. By saying that I don’t mean to give the impression that it’s a rip-off piece at all and besides, it’s a compliment. In general terms, it could be described as offbeat progressive folk-rock, with strong vaudevillian or music hall influences.

split enz discography

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Aside from “For You”, the proggiest track here is the re-recorded version of “Spellbound”, with it’s more symphonic keyboard textures – nevertheless, it’s a much more smoothed out and radio-friendly version of that song, splt to the much more edgy version on Mental Notes.

When the drums take you down to a frightening part with poetry that sounds like Edgar Alan Poe and laughing babies. It’s like an upbeat happy break in between the haunting melodies offered in this track. Eenz the BBC vehemently denied the blacklist at the time, they finally admitted to its dicsography in If you’re looking for an underrated prog rock album, i highly recommend this debut that was introduced to me by my aunt.

One that I really like because of growing up with it, but I can’t see a place for it in a prog collection.

The album reached 18 in Australia. The Choral Sea, 8. Neil flew to England as soon as he received the call from Tim and he officially joined Split Enz on 7 April While most songs are still written and sung discographt Tim Finn, ‘Give it a Whirl’ and ‘Carried Away’ reveal younger brother Neil Finn to be a talented song-writer, singer, as well as a zesty guitar player. This song is okay, but not as good as Maybe.

Split Enz Discography

After nine months on the Australian pub and concert circuit they were spotted by Melbourne-based entrepreneur Michael Gudinskiwho signed them to his new Mushroom Records label, which was then enjoying unprecedented success with the band Skyhookswhose debut album had shot to discographu top of the charts, spawning a string of hit singles and becoming the highest-selling Australian LP ever released up to that time. They were due to begin their third English tour later that month, so Tim now took charge and hastily reorganised the group.


At one concert, they brought Rayner’s auntie on stage to perform an impromptu tap dance during one of the songs and this was a great success, but they realised that they couldn’t really take her on tour with them, so it Crombie’s spoon playing routine was substituted and soon became an essential part of each show.

Views Read Edit View history. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. This version harnessed laser technology to etch geometric patterns into the playing surface of the discogarphy, creating prismatic effects without affecting the music playback. In general terms, it could be described as offbeat progressive folk-rock, with strong vaudevillian or music hall influences.

On Beginning of the Enz, ” is lighter and moves faster, while “Lovey Duvey’ sounds more direct, enabling the listener to better appreciate its catchy chorus. In With The In-Crowd”. His artist friend Noel Crombie was soon roped in to become the group’s “stylist” and Noel went on to create all the extraordinary costumes, hairstyles, makeup and stage sets which soon became their trademark, as well as coordinating all their single and album artwork and associated promotional material such as buttons and postersand he directed all their music videos.

Perhaps better known to most as a successful New Zealand, and NZ’s most successful band and hugely popular in NZ and Australia new wave act from the early s. One Out of the Bag. These now-legendary sessions—known as the “Rootin’, Tootin’ Luton Tapes”—became the basis for the group’s new direction.

Split Enz discography

Rayner’s accomplished playing soon became a crucial part of the group’s sound and also allowed Tim to step out from behind the keyboard and splti was one of two members who remained with the band for its entire subsequent career, the other being percussionist Noel Crombie.


Using borrowed equipment, Split Enz played what proved to be a pivotal concert in their later career, stunning friends and fans alike with their now-legendary performance at the second Nambassa Festival in January. Notably, ‘Semi-detached’ incorporates prog-rock influences in a powerfully delivered, evocative reflection on modern society’s atomization.

At it’s best such as on their first single and my personal favourite track, “For You”it resembles prog folk groups such as Comus without the bloodshedSpirogyra, or the acoustic side of Jethro Tull. It comprised four re-arranged and re-recorded tracks from Mental Notestheir second Australian non-album single “Late Last Night”, three new songs, and dixcography new version of one of the earliest Judd-Finn compositions, “”, retitled “Matinee Idyll “. It was followed by the darker “One Mouth is Fed” in November.

Like you are really wondering ‘What’s the matter with you’??????

split enz discography

They were just far enough away from the mainstream to be designated as cool. New waveart rockpop rockpost-punk [1]. Xiscography program originally aired in Australia ciscography New Zealand in The advent of MTV in America, and its interest in new wave acts also helped the band’s growing cult status in America—both “Dirty Creature” and “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” as well as earlier videos were given wide airplay on the channel.

split enz discography

Waiata went platinum in Australasia and gold in Canada, and there are enough strong tracks on the album to consider it a good effort even if it generally does not break any new grounds and Hard Act to Follow still stands as one my favourite under-appreciated Split Enz tunes. Retrieved from ” https: