Big brother interfering or should we we keeping tabs on each other?. Max Greenwood Mar 20 Booker says he’s now raised enough money to see him through to November debates Page 1 Page 2 Next page. What do you think? A portion of the fines from those reports are given to the user’s favorite charity. Cosplay compilation Aug 25, , 8:

spotsquad app

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If you change your mind, here’s how to allow notifications:. Create a new password. Chris Johnson, co-founder of the technology firm responsible for the app, told Fox News that SpotSquad could transition from private lots to public property, meaning users’ reports would summon local law enforcement to write tickets or have vehicles towed.

If you change your mind, here’s how to allow notifications: Share or comment on this article: There’s precedent for the authorities using this sort of smartphone-enabled citizen surveillance: Prince Harry insists we need to put aside ‘greed, apathy and selfishness’ to protect the planet from climate There’s no word on when it will be ready for the streets of Los.

SpotSquad App Will Pay Users to Report Parking Violations

The Queen will be ‘delighted’ by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s success during their ‘uniquely informal’ World Tour kicking off in Cosplay compilation Spotsqad 25,8: That sort of response is hard to imagine now, when establishment journalists are defending the NSA’s bulk surveillanceand the world’s leading Internet company is chaired by a man who once said about privacy concerns”If you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.


Using the car’s location, a report is automatically spottsquad to the parking lot’s operator or local law enforcement, who dispatch personnel to issue a ticket or have the car towed.

spotsquad app

Behold, a strangely silent promotional video: Back to top Home Spotsquax. You have activated your account, please feel free to browse our exclusive contests, videos and content.

spotsquad app

Max Greenwood Mar 20 Robert DeNiro takes an expletive-filled swipe at ‘gangster’ Donald Trump saying he may be Canadian mobile app SpotSquad will let users earn cash for reporting illegally-parked cars e-mail.

Last fall, the Delaware Information and Analysis Center, a unit of the state police’s Criminal Intelligence Section, offered an app enabling users to report people or activities that they deem suspicious. Subscribe to CityNews Toronto newsletters.

SpotSquadcurrently in beta testing, will give users a portion of the parking fine as a reward for reporting illegally-parked cars, according to FoxNews. When drivers are fined, part of the proceeds go to charities and a program to educate offenders about the consequences of their parking infractions. Mack Marsh, project director sootsquad Parking Mobility, said the spotswuad works well in the United States, where the organization has worked for years to negotiate agreements with police departments and cities.

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SpotSquad, developed by a 10 person team in Winnipeg Canada, is an app that allows vigilantes with a smartphone to report people who are. SpotSquad is a mobile phone application in the works that allows users to report illegally parked cars and get a cut of the fine paid as a reward.


A new mobile application ap the works will allow vigilante meter maids to cash-in on parking violations. A parking warden could then be dispatched to issue a ticket. Interacting with your finances can be described in two ways: Manhunt underway as four ‘extremely dangerous’ inmates escape county jail spotsqyad Ohio with help from at least If people are going to snitch, it should probably be because the offense is serious enough to warrant it, not because they’re moonlighting as zpotsquad monitors.

App Would Let You Earn Money by Turning In Illegal Parkers – Lanier Parking Solutions

If we were cynical marketers, we might suggest this as a tag line for the upcoming smartphone app called SpotSquad: If users submit multiple successful reports, they’ll get paid at an increasing rate and will be awarded traditional military ranks from Private to Genera l. Canadian paraglider taking part in fundraiser dies on Mount Kilimanjaro Sep 29,7: There are thousands of websites designed to publicly expose and denounce poor parking.

The founding team is extremely large at 10 members: