Consider a scenario where you are troubleshooting CPU spikes that occur everyday on your server between 2: The output from the scripts in the CustomDiagnostics section is captured in text files. February 5, at 4: So now that we have talked about the significance of these tools, lets talk about how to use them. Due to space constraints on our web page I’m not going to show any screen shots of the output files but I will describe their contents. You will see the following screen that prompts for the SQL server name and the instance name. Close the command window only after it returns back the the prompt.

sqldiag utility

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When you are ready to start the SQLDiag data collection, open command prompt use Run as Administrator options if on Windows Server and navigate to the folder where you had extracted the perf stats script files. Due to space constraints on our web page I’m not going to show any screen shots of the output files but I will describe their contents. Once the analysis is complete, PAL reports will open up automatically in a browser window.

sqldiag utility

After SQLNexus has completed importing data into the SQL database, you can analyze various reports by using various links under the Reports menu on ssqldiag top left hand side.

Also note that prior to using SQLNexus, you would need to install the pre-requisite components as discussed in the steps below. Comparing SQL server performance for various tests in a lab testing scenario — say you are seeing performance and scalability issues with a user test, while the 50 user test runs fine. CSV files one for each Sq,diag event logs and a bunch of files with extension.


How to use SQLDiag, SQLNexus and PAL tools to analyze performance issues in SQL Server

CMD batch file or a. You can download my sample and review the various files. Is there a single tool that I can sqldiiag to collect all the information I need?

This trace file captures the blocking chains from the data collection period. This is a pre-requisite for SQLNexus. In my future posts, I will attempt to describe how I used these tools to troubleshoot some of the above scenarios.

With all of the native ProfilerDMV’sscriptsetc. BLG, one or more trace files with extension. You can expand these and fine tune what you collect.

sqldiag utility

I usually start out with scanning the performance counters, looking at the notable queries utiluty any blocking. Click here to download the appropriate scripts files to run SQLDiag. November 27, at Download and install the Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft.

sqldiag utility

Here are some additional reference links if you are interested in learning more about the PAL tool. In this webinar we will cover how to use the tools SQL Server sqldlag to capture execution plans, how to read an execution plan and how to write better queries aqldiag improve performance.


Download the code sample and put the files in the folder of your choice. As the names suggest, the other two configuration files are meant for trace replay purposes if you want to simulate production workload in your test system and if you are interested in capturing detailed utolity statement level events. So if your SQL Server instance has been running since last two months and say you have been experiencing performance issues between 2: The XML configuration file is case-sensitive, so be careful while enabling or disabling specific data collectors.

Please take a note of few important things when creating your own configuration file. Download and install the PAL tool from here.

Introduction to SQLDIAG for SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Is it for the consolidated information? Post a comment or let the author know this tip helped. These reports are drill down reports and can be used to dive deeper into a particular area. April qsldiag, at 6: You can make a copy of the SQLDiag.

Additionally, you can add your own custom data collector under this section. February 5, at 4: