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Kojou is a high school student, and he's been in love with his childhood friend Yuuma for as long as he can remember. One day, when Kojou was in the library doing homework, Yuuma came to visit
strike the blood who does kojou end up with | Spanglers – General Blog News
strike the blood who does kojou end up with | Spanglers – General Blog News


Nagisa Akatsuki[]

Young Kojou and spanglers.info

Nagisa is Kojou’s youthful sister. Resulting from Nagisa’s well being situation, Koujou has grown to be overprotective of her, main many to imagine he has a sister advanced, regardless of his protests.

He’s keen to undergo nice lengths for her; he as soon as risked his life simply to retrieve her straw hat that was on the fringe of a cliff once they have been youthful. He additionally cares for her dearly. That is proven in Return of the Alchemist, whereby he sees the just about lifeless Asagi and loses management of his powers, however rapidly stops when reminded of his sister.

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Mimori Akatsuki[]

She is Kojou and Nagisa’s mom. He loves her and cares about her and retains her away from hurt as a lot as potential. Presumed to be divorced to their father, she gave Nagisa the possibility to be a hybrid. He does not know that she is aware of about him being the Fourth Primogenitor or that she was protecting avrora physique.

Hisano Akatsuki[]

She is Kojou’s grandmother. Kojou describes her as a “fairly strict outdated girl”, much like Gajou’s depiction of her.

Gajou Akatsuki[]

Kojou’s father. Kojou’s relationship with him is slightly rocky as Gajou will be an irresponsible and careless parental determine, however they nonetheless love one another nonetheless.

Reina Akatsuki[]

Reina is the daughter of Kojou and Yukina Himeragi. It’s assumed that they’ve a loving father-daughter relationship.

Moegi Akatsuki[]

Moegi is the daughter of Kojou and Asagi Aiba. It’s assumed that they’ve a loving father-daughter relationship.


Yukina Himeragi[]

A 14-year-old Sword Shaman from the Lion King Group, Yukina was despatched to look at the fourth primogenitor and was advised to kill him if he turns into a menace. She despised him at first, however ultimately grew to simply accept him. She is consistently following him all over the place he goes as his observer and consequently, has develop into very near him. She was really despatched for this very objective with the group intending for her to be his first blood accomplice. She was the second to fall in love with him (after Asagi), following him wherever he goes. Her love for Kojou is so sturdy that she is keen to sacrifice every part for his good.

Yukina ultimately turns into Kojou’s Blood Servant, spouse and have a daughter named Reina.

Asagi Aiba[]


Asagi Aiba is Kojou’s classmate and finest buddy. Kojou and Asagi have identified one another since center college and Asagi has had sturdy emotions and a crush on Kojou ever since. Earlier than Kojou grew to become a vampire have been Asagi and Kojou at all times seen along with Motoki Yaze. However since Kojou grew to become a vampire have each Asagi and Kojou been spending much less time collectively since Yukina Himeragi got here into their lives and when Kojou’s life begins to vary. Kojou then begins to spend his time extra with Yukina as a substitute. Kojou can be extra absent from college and is much less current in Asagi’s life. Each Asagi and Yukina have proven jealousy every time Kojou is seen spending time with both of them. Early into the sequence, has Asagi each confronted and query Kojou’s relationship with Yukina.

Asagi ultimately turns into Kojou’s Blood Servant, and have a daughter named Moegi.

Avrora Florestina[]

Avrora was one of many containers of authentic Fourth Primogenitor’s beast vassals, who handed down the powers to her servant, Kojou. Though Kojou can not recall any of his recollections from the time he was with Avrora, he sometimes bear in mind segments from his previous. Avrora Florestina resided inside Kojou’s sister, Nagisa, earlier than being transfered into Hektos, one other container of the unique Fourth Primogenitor’s beast vassals. Kojou cares for avrora drastically even acknowledged by Yuiri that he loves her on the identical stage as Yukina and is keen to do something to ensure she’s comfortable even keen to surrender his powers to be able to save her from disappearing and if anybody was ever planning on doing incorrect to her he immediately enters a state of rage.

She later turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Yuuma Tokoyogi[]

Younger Kojou, Yuuma and Nagisa

Yuuma is Kojou’s childhood buddy. They met when Kojou pressured Yuuma to assist retrieve Nagisa’s hat on the fringe of a cliff. Since then, the 2 together with Nagisa typically performed collectively earlier than rising distant.

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Throughout the occasions of the Labyrinth of the Blue Witch, Yuuma and Kojou briefly switched our bodies. She cares about kojou fairy a lot saying that changing into associates with him was most vital to occur to her as a result of it was one thing she selected for herself. Earlier than she left to asnwer for what she did she kisses kojou and states to yukina “I will go away to you untel then Himeragi-san. Subsequent time, I am taking part in for retains”.

In season 4, Yumma returns to save lots of asagi from being assault by Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella and the larvae on the freeway. Yumma can be teleported with Kojou, Asagi, Yukina, and tank rider to the net island. On the net island they might battle towards Magatoki Kato, Also referred to as the ouma witch, during which yumma would copy her magic ebook to defeat her with Kojou and co.

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She turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Sayaka Kirasaka[]

She is a buddy of Yukina Himeragi. Sayaka was ordered by the Lion King Group to take cost of multinational magical crimes within the International Affairs Division. She is the observer of Dimitrie Valte half time, simply as Yukina was observing Kojou Akatsuki. Sayaka could be very protecting of Yukina, having identified one another since childhood. They initially had a tough relationship; she was upset that Kojou made Yukina his blood accomplice, and blamed Kojou for involving Yukina in harmful conditions. She has androphobia (concern of males), which can have affected her early judgement of Kojou. Sayaka later takes a liking to Kojou, and permits him to suck her blood to unlock a brand new Beast Vassal, solely to finish up falling in love with him a while later. Just like Yukina, she will get irritated when Kojou is seen with different women, she nonetheless mistrusts males being Kojou the one exception.

She turns into Kojou ‘s spouse

La Folia Rihavein[]

She is the eldest Princess of the Aldegyr Kingdom. Sayaka briefly talked about about her in Episode 9 when she advised Kojou that she was despatched as an observer of La Folia. La Folia was seen by Kojou and he first thought her to be Kanase. When the subject of marriage got here up when her and her household was visiting the island she immedialtely selected Kojou and ran to him when her father disagreed on her determination even keen to wager her virgininty in Kojou struggle with Alader to be able to obtain two targets one she knew he would win (an with this put an finish the argue together with his father and everybody else) and second to make him a member of the Whisper Backyard. She is deeply in love with him and belief him blindly.

Later she turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Kanon Kanase[]

She was a lady who was experimented upon by her adoptive father who had nearly turned her into a man-made angel. La Folia revealed in Episode 11 that she was her aunt, as she was a baby of her grandfather who had an affair with a Japanese girl, that on the later a part of Amphisbaena arc was recognized as Kanase Kensei’s sister. She calls Kojou ”Brother”.She likes and cares for kojou drastically eager to spend time with him every time she will get an opportunity even when it will get embarrassing for both of them like once they went looking for there college journey and requested him to come back together with her to the underwear retailer to know which sort he likes or when ever he walks in on her throughout or after a bathe/tub. She loves him deeply and barely leaves his facet.

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She turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Kiriha Kisaki[]

She is the darkish sword shaman that seems within the season 2 of the anime she typically tease’s him when ever there round one another.

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She turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Yume Eguchi[]

She is the vessel of Lilith, the world’s strongest succubus. The bullying that Yume had gone by way of due to her mind-control magic made her assume that her existence will at all times trigger issues and hurt to others, and she or he couldn’t kill herself in a easy approach as a result of Lilith would merely discover one other appropriate vessel and that particular person would additionally should endure. So she determined to help Taishikyoku of their plan to manage Leviathan, the strongest residing weapon from the ages of the gods as she is the being with the strongest mind-control magic, solely to betray them and reveal her true purpose which was to die inside Leviathan, which has the flexibility to dissipate any entity into nothing and which can kill her together with Lilith. However Kojou saves her and offers her a which means to her life.

She turns into Kojou’s spouse

Yuiri Haba[]

She is a Sword Shaman from the Lion King Company. She was nominated as a candidate for changing into Kojou’s observer however was not chosen. Throughout his first assembly with Yuiri, Kojou famous that she was comparatively regular in comparison with the opposite women within the Lion King Company; Yukina, Sayaka and Paper Noise have tried to kill him throughout their first assembly.

She has emotions for him, and is jealous every time Kojou and Yukina are very shut and infrequently thinks what would have occurred if she was chosen as a substitute of her.

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She turns into Kojou’s spouse.

Shio Hikawa[]

Resulting from her friendship with Yuiri alongside together with her quite obstinate nature, Shio is a bit cussed about admitting her emotions for Kojou out of consideration for Yuiri, however she nonetheless values him very a lot and may depend upon him when in hassle.

She turns into kojou’s spouse.

Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella[]

Launched in Season IV Episode 1. First stated to be Kojou’s observer once they educated collectively at Onrai Island for half a yr. As a result of Kasugaya has one thing of a tsundere-like persona, Kojou and her do sometimes get into arguments, however she cares for him however and was very shaken when he abruptly disappeared realizing her emotions in the direction of him. Like the opposite women, she loves him deeply and she or he infrequently leaves his facet.

She turns into kojou’s spouse.


Motoki Yaze[]

He’s Kojou’s buddy and classmate whom he met throughout middle-school alongside Asagi. He is 16 years outdated. Motoki can be a member of the Lion King group and the true observer of Kojou, the fourth primogenitor. He’s additionally Asagi’s childhood buddy and due to this fact typically encourages her pursuit of Kojou. He is presently going out with Koyomi Shizuka and has advised Kojou and Asagi that she’s his girlfriend, regardless of having not held her hand in line with Natsuki. He’s an Esper who has the flexibility to control particular sound waves, however wants sure medication or enhancers to strengthen his capacity. Kojou is unaware that Motoki is his actual observer however nonetheless helps him in his personal approach.

Natsuki Minamiya[]

Strike the Blood Ep 2 - 3.png

She is a trainer at Kojou’s college and in addition the Witch of the Void. Kojou tends to name her “Natsuki-chan” because of her physique measurement and infantile face. Though, this considerably insulting nickname does not imply that Kojou respects her lower than any older figures in his life, since Natsuki is the one grownup that he had explicitly revered. He cares about her wellbeing even being emotionally distraut when he thought she died solely to really feel a since of aid later when he came upon she’s nonetheless alive. It is proven he finds her grownup kind enticing.


She was a man-made life kind who had a Acquainted put in in her The 2 appear to take care of one another for some purpose for astarte she was keen to betray her grasp abit to be able to assist him and safe his security whereas for kojou when he confroted the deacon once more he confirmed anger and disdain as a result of he knew how harmful it’s for astarte by putting in a familier into her shortening her life and after defeating astarte kojou introduced her familier below his management so she will be able to stay longer. She later turns into a maid for Natsuki he does get nervous and concered for her every time she is injured or damage.



She was the seal the of the tenth acquainted. It’s unknown how far her emotions is to Kojou however earlier than she disappeared it appears she has grown to like him to extent that to go away him a goodbye kiss.


Hekto got here to the island inorder to at least one destroy avrora physique that kojou’s mom was protecting second to save lots of nagisa and avrora by utilizing her personal physique to deal with her soul so she will be able to lastly be with kojou however earlier than she will be able to do that first she handed on the acquainted she was protecting to yukina after which began to flirt with kojou infront of nagisa to incite avrora’s jealousy to lure her out within the open to tranfer her soul into her physique and correctly to indicate her personal feeling for kojou earlier than she disappears utilizing all her vitality like december did.


She will flip right into a dragon when she will get emotional. She can be a protector of Cain. She cares for kojou drastically even will to leap into the node after him to be able to save him.

Nina Adelard[]

Of their transient interplay in Alchemist arc, each of them can work together with one another, with Kojou taking the tsukkomi position to Nina’s mischievous persona.

Dimitrie Vatler[]

Vatler and spanglers.info

Kojou is cautious of him, as Kojou sees him as somebody that is ruthless and does not care concerning the effectively being of Itogami Island in any respect, doing issues merely within the pursuit of enjoyment with questionable strategies. He cannot perceive Vatler’s approach of reasoning, very similar to nearly all of the forged. Vatler’s over-friendly gestures in the direction of him typically make individuals misunderstand their true state of relationship, considering that he is near the older vampire. Nevertheless, Kojou admitted to Vatler that regardless of the latter’s tendencies to create issues in Kojou’s life, he cannot actually “hate him to the bone.”

Kira Lebedev Voltisloa[]

Kojou appears fairly relaxed with Kira, because the latter does not intimidate him and at all times treats Kojou and his associates properly. His relaxed demeanor round him even made Asagi assume that Kojou is into males.

Tobias Jagan[]

Kojou does not have a civil relationship with Tobias the way in which he has with Kira. This might be attributed to Tobias’ belligerent angle in the direction of him, that he confirmed freely by throwing insults to Kojou right here and there when Kojou skilled some difficulties, that in Tobias opinion translated as “incompetence.” Nevertheless, their relationship appears to have improved when Tobias apologized to and even thanked Kojou on the finish of Quantity 15.

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