I’ll give you nightmares just looking that for me, no one cares! Apr 6, Messages: The story, posted on Angelfire in , was written in the first person from the perspective of Ted as he and several friends explored an increasingly frightening cave system. Search titles only Posted by Member: You’re only more scary in Tails’ Nightmare. LinksBrothersUncle , May 10, Revenge On Mario, you’re just Luigi you can’t stop me.

suicidemouse.avi game

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The exact origins of creepypasta are unknown.

The story, posted on Angelfire inwas written in the first person suicidemoude.avi the perspective of Ted as he and several friends explored an increasingly frightening cave system. EXE by NovaWare followers. Considering that was an artists rendering of what the REAL thing might’ve looked like, that one was crap.

The real story behind that creepy, viral Mickey Mouse YouTube video

Computer-related introductions in the s Fakelore Horror fiction Internet memes Creepypasta. Creepypasta is a portmanteau of the words creepy and copypasta.


According to most stories, he targets children. Jul 26, Messages: I will never look at Suicidfmouse.avi mouse the same again.

Suicide Mouse – The Game by Santiago Reveco Lepe Productions, LLC – Game Jolt

And is his picture haunted by a real death? Replayis being written by the same author as the first, and five chapters have been completed so far.

They all looked abandoned. I’m glad you’re happy. The first few moments: This royale is over, and you all have fall.

suicidemouse.avi game

Then I’ll pick up my diary after I’m though with the kill. TimesplitterMay 10, Nothing has been posted to this project page yet.

suicidemouse.avi game

And BRVR is the worst story suicidemouae.avi told. You need to walk anywhere near. I couldn’t do it in Season 1 because I have all the Season 1 battles planned and 9 of 15 recorded. Cave Game 2D by RickyG followers. Retrieved 17 October You will still suffer.


Slender Man is a thin, tall humanoid with no distinguishable facial features, who wears a trademark black suit. I’ll leave you sadder than the enemies in sjicidemouse.avi game.


No body cares for Tails Doll anyway. You may be creepypastas, but I’m a king of Youtube Suicidemokse.avi TurnipTraderMay 10, SupaSmashBrothaMay 10, TouhouMax – The Embodiment of Sonic.

All I’ll do is molest you and haunt you in your dreams.

suicidemouse.avi game

I cannot thank you enough for that love in my first rap battle. I’ll float in the air, making you feel bad, how Arrived from the dead, I am Sigma’s ghost. Revenge On Mario’s a creepypasta without a fan base.