Souza , Jayme L. Lecture Notes on Computer Science. A faster algorithm for the cluster editing problem on proper interval graphs. These characterizations lead to efficient algorithms for recognizing graphs within these classes. Advances in Project Scheduling. A conference version appeared in the Proc.


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Szwarcfiter Jayme Luiz

Polynomial tima algorithm for the szwarccfiter problem on chordal graphs. Both problems, either for the vertex or edge variant, remains NP-Hard, even when restricted to certain graphs families. On the computation of parameters related to graph convexities.

Finding the p3 hull number of a chordal graph. Lecture Notes on Computer Science On Minimal and Minimum Hull Sets.


The Helly Property on Hypergraphs. Reversible iterative graph processes. Theory of Computing Systemsv. A Survey on Clique Graphs.

Some Properties of Ternary Trees. Characterizations and linear time recognition of Helly circular-arc graphs. Monica Villanueva Illufi Grafos Triangularizados: Universidade Estadual de Campinas.


Foundations of Computational Mathematics. The clique operator on circular-arc graphs.

Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter

Graphs and Combinatoricsv. On f-reversible processes in graphs. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,v.


A Conference in Honour of Pavol Hell, Stable Matchings with Restricted Pairs. This improves over any existing exact algorithm for the problems in consideration.

Abstracts of the Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science: Convex partitions of graphs. Solving the k-in-a-tree problem for chordal graphs. Convex covers of graphs. Proceedings of Combinatorics Szaarcfiter algorithm for Generating all Extensions of an Ordered Set. Characterization and recognition of Radon-independent sets in split graphs.

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On the computation of the hull number of a graph. On Finding Euler Tours in Parallel. Szdarcfiter the l-neighborhood convexity.

Journal of the Brazilian Computer Societyv. Anais do evento, Iterated Clique Graphs with Increasing Diameters.