And around midnight on the first day, about a dozen soldiers from the resort military command KOREM and district command KODIM across the street came in and started beating up the detainees. You killed the soldiers, all gone. Two trucks were full of soldiers while another truck appeared empty. Local people, however, interpreted the pattern of burnings as the result of poor relations between the police and army. You killed our friend. The burlap that had contained the man was then given the stone of the ballast and lastly thrown in the Arakundo river. When they did not answer, they were beaten.

tragedi arakundo

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The incident quickly turned into a full-scale riot, with two people killed and arkundo than shops and offices burned. As the shooting was taking place, other villagers went to the nearby station of the national radio, Radio Republik Indonesia, and burned it down. They ordered everyone out of their houses, instructing the men to take off their shirts and lie face down on the ground.

tragedi arakundo

At the time they arrived, a huge Aceh Merdeka flag was hanging on the wall of the local mosque, facing the main road. According to eyewitnesses who happened to be at the time of the brutal shootings occurred just back from Langsa City East Aceh, his red sedan, stopped a few meters after passing in front of the Koramil office.

A day before, the residents worked together to prepare the da’wah stage. Anaknya juga seorang tentara. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible.


Begitu banyak tragedi di nanggroe kita. During the attack on his house, according to eyewitnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch in FebruaryAhmad Kandang calmly tragedu out with some others, and the military let him go, fueling suspicions that he had some working relationship with them, although Human Rights Watch has seen no hard evidence to substantiate those suspicions.

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Sehari sebelumnya, warga bergotong royong untuk menyiapkan pentas dakwah. Not long after that, a fishy smell came from the front of his house. They then had a procession that passed the main road, Buket Rata. Then the military vehicles started deliberately driving into the crowd, forcing people to run to the edges of the street to avoid being hit.

According to the victim’s information, there are three or four trucks. April 5, Dozens of armed soldiers beat up and pistol-whipped a group of students and youths painting the streets with pro-referendum slogans in the village of Alur Nireh, Peureulak, East Aceh.

Tragedi Arakundo

The next day the search continued. Student protestors clashed with troops in front of the main mosque in Banda Aceh during the visit, and after firing warning shots, the troops used tear gas and rubber bullets on the students. At the Koramil headquarters there was another empty truck. As people began leaving to go home, they crowded onto the main road, which was blocked by all the vehicles wanting to get out at the same time. One of the two had a gun and fired into the air.


tragedi arakundo

The apparent assumption was that if the two officers were not actually being held in Kandang, the villagers and Ahmad Kandang personally knew where they were.

Privacy Policy Terms of Service. The army said there were indications that Aceh Merdeka was behind the killings, and although dozens of locals were arrested for questioning, all were released for arakjndo of evidence.

Kamu campak ke sungai. Siap Fan, berhenti melupakan mari mengigatnya kembali. The atmosphere is dark, no lights are on. This condition was trageddi by Si who was then taken to the Koramil Office along with eight others with truck apparatus. Disagreement on rewards Fraud or plagiarism Hate speech or trolling Miscategorized content or spam.

April 29, The thirtieth “mysterious killing” victim since late is found in North Aceh. Ban mobil tersebut kempes, karena ditembaki para penghadang. I have visit this bridge before A place in east acheh.

Hay is a steemit friend. Soldiers from the military commands across the street came in and beat up some of the detainees. The army had planned a ceremony on August 31 marking the withdrawal of troops from Lhokseumawe.