We are planning one final update with passenger active stations but that won’t be for a long while, In this route you can travel down the line with Gordons Express to stations and sights seen in the 1st and 2nd TV Series Enjoy! My studies have lessened in severity as of late and I have been able to work on things. It’s my first loco, it’s our first RWS loco, and it is first numerically. Here is an updated RWS Thomas. Today with thanks to Sean, Tom and Rich i was allowed to use some of their pics for the gallery page and watermarked them with our logo, also i set up a new RWS Page too! Here is my final personal release for trainz

trainz sodor steamworks

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Here is my final personal release for trainz Check out my new picture gallery and my favourite link. Each with Changable faces and their own cabs!

Also the China Clay Wagon error has now been fixed. Troublesome Tankers with faces coming soon! Exepct loads more pics soon!

Peep, Peep!

Finally the first part of the Mass Update is online! With more thanks going to Richard another suprise release is his first version of the long awaitd Breakdown Train – His second version may be released either for or possibly be upgraded for This replaces the Donald and Douglas Set. We hope you enjoy her showing her off to passengers in the countryside!


Inlcuded is a Composite, Brake and Parcels coach, Enjoy! They do have face scripting among other things. All stations are now passenger active, improved with their own buildings by Sean.

Last night, some major issues were addressed to me and I have rectified them. I am on a roll this week – and here steamwrks another release from me.

Trainz Sodor Steamworks

We are currently updating these with locked textures. Here is my latest release, I know you’ve been waiting for them, the Sodor Mail Vans! However Gwion’s is still online for now.

trainz sodor steamworks

They’re don’t use the newer mesh I was working on due to the fact that it’s far from finished. We hope you enjoy it and Richard likes it too! It was an inevitable release.

Trainz Short: A Terrifying Encounter | Doctor’s orders | Fighter jets, Videos, Fnaf

January 7th Redone Scrapyards I’ve have updated the Scrapyards route with new NG Track, also i have added other track to the pack, hope it will work fine now Callum. Thanks go to SixBlueWheels and Train for custom models, and to Callum for help with finishing off the route.


Get your copy now! Thanks goes to Andy Magandy for leting us release them. Jimdo You can do it, too!

trainz sodor steamworks

With thanks to Richard for allowing release, Textures are locked and includes authentic Whistle! I’ve been working on these for awhile now, and I got around to finishing and finalizing them earlier this week. Please, have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! You may need to delete the other vans before soror install these to make sure they work.

News – Sodor Island 3D

Newly Released is the Christmas Hat from Seanoc With Credit going to Skarloey and Sean Callum. Happy, Cross, Sad, and Surprised. Here is my surprise release, RWS Sodod

trainz sodor steamworks

The Series 2 pack is now released.