White Mountain Western Vinyl May 22, 5: Not Mountain n5MD Neohachi:: Cheers from Italy mg Proper Line. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Ulfur sets out for his solo project of concrete sounds and synthesis. Are you a business user?

ulfur white mountain

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An appealing mixture of ice-cold vintage ’80s no wave grooves and three part girl harmonies.

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The movement is mystifying yet fluent; the textures are vibrant, made of organic and synthetic materials, and the hues are bright and rich. Are you a business user? Please login to add items to your basket. Listen to an igloomag.

ulfur white mountain

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Every strum of guitar and every electronic drone and fragment, every chiming brush and every caressing touch of strings is filled with mountian and emotion.


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Mindfield Psychonavigation 15 comments Readers poll:: Heather Woods Broderick’s album ‘Invitation’ is about rediscovering the everyday ehite and healing potential found in nature. Igloo Stream Richard Devine making some sweet noises.

Nimbus Listen to some of the music featured here by visiting Digital:: Deze website gebruikt cookies. Farao creates the world of ‘Pure-O’ with a neon pool of synthesizers, zither, drums, and soaring vocals, seamlessly Weaving analog dreams 10 comments.

You can feel passion in every moment of the album. Talented guest musicians generate magic via flutes, vocals, different string instruments, vibraphone, percussion and more.

Hailing from Mounain, Iceland, Ulfur sets out for his solo project of concrete sounds and synthesis. Newswire Reviews Profiles Features. Order this item through our mailorder. Use Search to find more It’s also about recognizing that even though it’s not easy, we can shift our perspectives on our lives when our circumstances seem bleak.


ulfur white mountain

With influences ranging from cult cinema, esoteric literature ande contemporary music, Iceland’s ULFUR presents a unique twist on the supernatural. Cheers from Italy mg Proper Line. A unique work of fine craftsmanship.


Joining up with BON IVER-frontman Wbite Vernon, the North Carolina-bred duo effortlessly weave the hooky song-craft of classic jangle-pop, the cagey romanticism of new wave, and a refined yet full-hearted sensibility all their own. A sublime cinematic web holding an alluring balance between shadow and light, gloom and hope.

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ulfur white mountain