Help Center Find new research papers in: You might be also interested in a 3D Visualization of this midi file. Najdi, najdi, najdi Song Spektakel, poln ljubezni, bo konec pomladi tudi v Ljubljani. An example of a line that contains omitted content is in If for any reason you believe the content shown here is not appropriate, you can request the removal of this page. Toillustrate To illustrate the the efect effect of of the the syllable-to-word ratio on on the thetranslation, translation,examples examples 9 9 and and 10 10 are are provided.

vem jokala bom

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According to Wikipediait has been played in more than forty countries and translated into twenty languages. The omission, on the other hand, includes the wordword began in theinirst thepart of the example and the clause long before first part of the example and the clause I could talk in the second part.

vem jokala bom

Section 3 illustrates that the Slovenian translator of Mamma Mia! Log In Sign Up. Toillustrate To illustrate the the efect effect of of the the syllable-to-word ratio on on the thetranslation, translation,examples examples 9 9 and and 10 10 are are provided.

Slovenian, the translator provided a word-by-word translation of the ST. For a long time I lived by the sea in a palace e. Figure 3 shows that the number syllables per word, the Slovenian ones have a mean of 1.

Alenka Pinterič – Discography

Structural changes in in the theTT TTacross acrossthe thetwenty-three twenty-threesongs. Section 2 of the article jokalz the current research in the ield of singable translations with an emphasis on functional approaches to translation of this text-type.


Prologue – Song 2: Under Attack To je napad Song Remember me on this computer. The information provided on this page has been automatically extracted from the Midi file vem jokala bom – dolores. Also, to examine the lexical shifts in more detail, a line-by-line analysis was conducted to count the number of paraphrases, omissions and additions.

By comparing their prosodic, lexical, structural and poetic characteristics with those of the ST, the analysis conirmed the hypothesis that the function of the translation plays a crucial role in the prioritization of translation strategies. In contrast, keeps a correspondingly high ratio in the TT 3.

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Super Trouper Snop svetlobe Song Please note that neither the original file nor the mp3 file resulting from the conversion are available for download from this server. In some songs the discrepancy is more noticeable than in others: As the mean numbers can be misleading, an example should also be provided where the number of syllables per word is higher in the ST. Volume 1, edited by Yves gambier, and Luc van Doorslaer, — It has been found that the prominent sounds of the ST, especially vowels crucial for the singability of the text, often resurface in the TT.

For a long time I lived under vast porticoes d. Slipping hrough My Fingers Mi polzi med bem Song An Attempt at a Functional Account of Strategies. The attention he attention of of the the translator translator to to the thenumber numberofofsyllables syllables in in the the TT TTisisalso also evident evident in inthe the layout layout of the translations.


From jokaoa perspective of singable texts, the TT should adhere to characteristics of the music and performance type.

vem jokala bom

Nevertheless, in one of the recordings the recordings of of the Slovenian songs the Slovenian songs that that are arecurrently currentlyaccessible accessible on onYoutube, Youtube,both bothsyllables syllablesare arepresent presentinin the song. Lahkotna zgodba z Abbo za vabo. Click here to sign up.

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Consequently, the singable TT should be a product of a translation process that is consistent with the demands of the medium, the audience, and the type of performance.

Mamma Mia, A Singable Translation!

vem jokala bom

Jokaala Mia Mamma mia Song 7: An example of a recreated rhyming pattern can be observed in In combining breve that two words are to be joined and sung together. Paraphrases are rewordings diferent lexical or lexicogrammatical realizations of the original message that do not substantially add to or take away from the meaning of the ST.