No, I have not tested the configuration with other mode than DMR. I’ve been building the Raspberry Pi kernels for easy installation for a while. How is the local responsiveness using KDE? Traduction Je viens d’ajouter mon codeplug TM dans l’article ci-dessus. Hello Adrian, Thank you for your comments. Can you advise me on a cheap SDR device and the software you used to get the baseband plot during the Tx tuning phase? Could you help in resolving this issue.


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Last edited by vk4tux on Sat Jan 24, Fedora image for C1? It plugs in instead of the microphone. For calibration tuning, you have to zoom over the TX frequency to see spectrum decomposition. Hi, Thanks for this informative post.


Also your circuit design has too much gain on RX opamp. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Dispatching action ‘up’ for eth0. You can get them here. Here is the english guide: That was very kind of you to respond so quickly to my query! Next step is to go vk4yux the expert page on your Pi-Star and locate the xlxEnabled line and set it to 1.


You might want to give that a try: Please could you tell me which manual you found the tap points in the audio chain, so I vk4tx the English version? I just added my TM codeplug in the above article.

Fedora tends to have newer packages than most distributions, so perhaps some bugs in the package were vk4tu upstream but not yet picked up by Ubuntu.

Once you have make sure all is working found you can carry on. Traduction Avez-vous essayer dans les 4 modes, incluant P25?

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Now that the latest firmware for the Kenwood THD74 directly accepts XLX selection right from vk4tkx reflector menu this is going to get really more interesting. Hi Chris, I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a code plug for the TM series radio? First of all the rear socket of the station is a female DB15 socket.

The 03 at the end means C, as C is the third letter of the alphabet. Some work yet to do; once I’m done, I’ll post the img file – unless someone beats me to it. As i mentionned in this earlier postwith the XLX reflectors came some confusion for the users. Mace can you give me a procedure to re add those video modules, or was that covered in the bootargs you gave before?


I need it to graphical boot direct. Can you please have a look at the spec and give your opinion to connect the radios to DMR?

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This is not enough. I have a Tait TM transceiver and I would like to collect a DMR repeater for our region, but unfortunately I do not have a cable for the programmer and software security. I have read your article.


It is often the most complicated: On this page only the VX model is indicated as compatible. For those who might vk4ux interested, here is the Tait codeplug that I used for this tutorial: I am building dmr using your mmdvm shield based on nucleo.

I look forward to programming the radios with a modified version of your code plug Chris. The Fedora 21 minimal rootfs boots up using the odroid-c1 kernel.