Special disability leave may be granted by the Secre- taries in-charge of the Administrative Departments in favour of the employees under their administrative control after being personally satisfied that the necessary conditions and criteria for the grant of such leave as laid down elsewhere in the rules are fulfilled and the fact being recorded in writing. If a Government employee is authorised under rule 28 to make over charge of his post elsewhere than at its head- quarters his joining time shall be calculated from the place at which he makes over charge. As such, in case an order for variation of subsistence allowance under this rule is passed by the competent authority disciplinary or appellate after quite some time from the expiry of the requisite three months and that authority is satisfied that the variation has got to be recorded in writing and orders accordingly, the same shall be valid and binding on all concerned. In the latter case his post may be extended without reference to higher authority if there is no time to refer the matter for such sanction, otherwise the sanction of the competent authority should be obtained as usual in each case. Leave and pension contributions. If a Government employee on return from leave, deputation, foreign service or while on transfer or on rein- statement after suspension or on similar other occasion, is compelled to wait for order of posting under circumstances beyond his control, Government may treat the period of such compulsory waiting as a period of duty. Pay and allowances on reinstatement 72A.

wbsr part 1

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Leave and leave procedure When the pay of a post is changed Short extensions in cases of overstayals The rules in this chapter are intended to meet the cases of Government employees deputed to other countries at the instance of Government, either for the performance of special duties imposed on them and for the investigation of specific problems connected with their posts.

Provided further that unless the transfer is from one cadre post to another, the post to which a Government employee may be transferred shall be a post i which carries a scale of pay comparable to that of the post presently held by the Govern- ment employee, ii for which the Government employee possesses at least the minimum of the prescribed qualifications, and iii in the recruitment rules for which there is no bar to the appointment of the Government employee to the post by transfer.


A Government employee on an establishment whose duties are not continuous, hut arc limited to certain periods in each year, may be granted the following leave during a period: When transfer is not in a new station or does not involve a change of residence.

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Counting of former service on re-employment Pary Passage ā€” Rules for the grant of Persons re-employed after retirement. When leave padt Termination of service on removal or dismissal XV, which case the leave at his credit under the rules previously applicable to him shall be carried for- ward subject to the maximum limit of accumulation of days as prescribed in rule To safeguard the interest of such employees they shall be deemed to have lien for all purpose.

Re-employment of Government employees Chapter 11 ā€” Joining Time Considering the grounds adduced by the Government employee for his unauthorised absence before initiating the disciplinary proceedings, if the disciplinary autho- rity is satisfied that the grounds adduced for unauthorised absence are justified, the leave of the kind applied for and due and admissible may be granted to him. Where the emoluments admissible under this rule are equal to or less thaq the amounts earned during the employment elsewhere, nothing shall be paid to the Government employee.

In case a Government employee dies while in Cash equivalent service, the cash equivalent of the leave salary that the deceased employee would have got had he gone on earned leave that i n service would have been due and admissible to him but for his death on the date immediately following the date and in any case not exceeding leave salary for days, shall be paid to his family without any reduction on account of pension equivalent of death- cum-retirement gratuity.


wbsr part 1

Provided that in the case of a Government employee not in permanent employ no half-pay leave may be granted unless the authority competent to grant leave has reason to believe that the Government employee will return to duty on its expiry excepi in the case of a Government employee who has been declared completely and permanently incapacitated for further service bj a competent medical authority.

On return from leave. Such cases are not provided for in these rules as they will gradually disappear, and meantime will be dealt with individually.

West Bengal Service Rules Part 1

Ciroumstances in which granted. Section Vā€” Special Provisions Grant of special disability leave.

wbsr part 1

The option, however, ceases to operate once the individual concerned constructively ceases to officiate in the post or ceases to draw pay in the particular scale in which he was drawing the officiating pay.

Pay on erroneous appointment.

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Pay on erroneous appointment 55B. Pay on officiating appointment. An extract of the leave account can be supplied to him by the concerned Head oi the Office. Roles ] 22 Such consent is not necessary in cases where the Government employee ceases to be a Government employee.

Combination of different kinds of leave. Where the order fails to specify clearly for what period the officer is to be deprived of his increments, the deprivation shall be held to cease on the expiry of the period during which the officer would have drawn the increment initially withheld. They are thus derived from ā€” a The West Bengal Services Rules, Part 1 corrected ur to 1st Aprft ; b New rules including amendments made after 1st April under Proviso to Article of the Constitution ; and c Some executive orders which had not been issued in the aprt of rules.

Wsbr and pension contributions Time scale of pay