Medium priority queue, medium throughput anddel ay. Click on Apply to finish. Then allow user to select and connect to the AP. You should find the CPE at Turbo mode uses channel binding technology to increase the speed further over Super-A mode. Please use the information with caution. For system configurations, device status, and other non-wireless related settings; please go to Chapter 5.

wha-5500cpe firmware

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For multi-point connection, use bandwidth control to manage the variable distance problem Using ACKtimeout for point-to-point connection is no problem.

Enter the Security Key i. Wireless Network Glossary bit bit or bit Atheros proprietary encryption modes. The address of a file located on the Internet.

wha-5500cpe firmware

If the DMZ server is selected, Internet traffic not destined for a valid virtual server is redirected to this privately addressed LAN client. Enter for downlink and for uplink 6.

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Preamble Type Preamble are sent with each wireless packet transmit for transmission status. WDS Bridge This chapter tells you the basic knowledge about building a long distance connection. Some router have two radio options like 2.


You can also enable dynamic WEP key bit to have data encryption. However, we are not liable for the inaccuracies or errors in this guide. It whaa-5500cpe designed with high performance and long distance in mind.

Please make sure to Logout after you finish all settings. The beacon Interval specifies how often beacon frames are transmitted in time unit of milliseconds.

Firmware Upgrade – Airlive WHACPE User Manual [Page 67]

Enter Description for this policy Wireless Client Step 3. The default setting is In addition, we will talk about the general concepts and knowledge about building a long distance connection. For step-by-step instruction on how to setup Bridge Infrastructure mode, please go to Chapter 8 Application Example: Rate Control management uses “Flow Control” to limit the speed of a port.

wha-5500cpe firmware

Bridge Network 8 8. Resetting the AirLive router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version. The default country code aha-5500cpe United Kingdom which should require no changes If you are living in Europe.

AirLive WHACPE Firmware Download and Update for Windows | Opendrivers

To begin, simply enter https: This is the name for the Wha-5500pe Link. Then, we will provide the introduction on Web Management and recommended initial settings. POE Power over Ethernet.


The WMM is based on a subset of the Please setup the PING watchdog according to graphic 1 1. If you encounter a technical issue that can not be resolved by information on this guide, we recommend that you visit our comprehensive website support at.

Airlive WHA-5500CPE Router – How To Reset To Factory Defaults Settings

If you live in countries that prohibit the channel binding technology i. But all the data transactions are securely encrypted using SSL encryption. It features an integrated 18dBi patch antenna and Select the SSID you want to modify or delete 2. Your manual failed to upload Do you need a help?

wha-5500cpe firmware

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