what is the difference between system analysis and system design

what is the difference between system analysis and system design
what is the difference between system analysis and system design

System Analysis and- System-Design

Difference Between system Analysis and Design

System analysis can be defined as a deep analysis of a part of the structure of a module that has been designed before. System design means to make any module or a part of the structure from scratch and build it completely without estimation.

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System analysis is the process that is done on the existing model or the newly created model. But in the case of system design module is made from the raw data and has to build to a new structure using his own new ideas and concept.

System Analysis lets you work directly onto a project instead of thinking a lot about it as the module is prepared. This ensures the perfect execution and estimation of the project. Once the project is executed, the person working on it has to give a trial with the client. Further, when there would be an issue, the executive has to sit and clarify all the issues and make the changes as per the client’s requirement.

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The system design role starts when he is assigned to a particular project. The executive’s work is to collect all raw data, the need of the customer, dimensional parameter (if it is mechanical), structure to be designed, boundary conditions. Once he is done with all inputs, he starts planning with his team and begins to frame the work structure. The basic steps are taken, and further works on the project as per the given parameters. When the work of the system designer ends, then the work of system analysis starts.

System Analysis And Design (Infographics)

Below is the top 11 difference between System Analysis and Design

System Analysis and- System-Design-info

Key differences between Analysis and Design

Below are the lists of points, describe the key differences between System Analysis and Design:

  1. System analysis deals with the client issues and modification that has to be done in the project, whereas system design deals with the client’s requirement and need.
  2. If an IT industry system analysis is considered, then the team like IQMS deal with fixing bugs. If designing is considered, then the people like a web developer and an Android developer are considered.
  3. System design incorporates collecting and reviewing problems, further solving them with the help of a team or tool. System design is planning a new module by defining its components and satisfying its key requirements.
  4. System analysis makes the module ready for proper execution without any errors. System designing is just a part of proper designing with the optimum code required and ready to submit.
  5. If mechanical engineering is considered, then the model which is modelled in the system pops down for meshing, which deeply clears all the mesh size. Thus, instead of designing, the model has been designed by considering its dimensional properties.
  6. The major key difference between system analysis vs design is the tool and its features. Unfortunately, the most common thing about them is that both tools don’t have similar features, so a single person or candidate can’t operate simultaneously.
  7. In many industries, we have seen that the person who is operating system analysis software is not aware of the designing tools.
  8. Work framing and categorizing usually doesn’t come under the system analysis part, but it falls under the system designer.
  9. If we consider the overall picture of the work scenario given to the designers and analysts, then we can say that designing is simple, but analyzing till the end would be a headache.
  10. I suppose a project is running, then the system designer has the work of editing the existing modules or structures, and he is done. But in the live running project, the system analyst has to stay till the end.
  11. The analyst has to deal with the end client satisfaction as he has to work on repetition if the module is not accepted; instead, the designer role comes if the execution is not done and errors are due to structure or any dimensional properties.

Comparison table Between System Analysis And Design

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Below is the topmost comparison between System Analysis and Design

Sr. No. System Analysis System design 1. This is a post-process that is used when the design is complete and ready for analysis. This process starts from scratch and utilizes all your new ideas. 2. The analysis includes processing, execution, bug fixing, and making reports. The design includes the collection of raw data, requirement, need, and planning. 3. Basically, it resembles removing the error from the existing model. Errors may come while creating but couldn’t fix at the start. 4. The time consumed in analyzing is less than the time consumed by design. In design, the maximum time goes before the initiation of work. 5. The software’s used is different from the tool used for designing. The tool used is different as the work performed by them is different. 6. The system required for analysis should have a higher configuration. Design PC is even good enough, but the less configuration would sustain smaller projects and even do for big if done in parts. 7. Multiple screens are required for analysis to check and fix the bug. The single but large screen is more than enough, as just detailing is the main job. 8. Pre-planning is not a compulsion, but yes, discussion on results does matter. Pre-planning is the most important task, and discussion about pre-planning is done. 9. To become a system analyzer, you need to have post-graduation in your studies; then, you can make growth in your career. Design member needs to have a diploma or graduation degree with him to ensure his growth in the design field. 10. The analysis shows the depth of study you have in a particular field. In design, your overall knowledge of concepts is required with your existing education. 11. The analysis makes you answerable for that project as you have a habit of clearing errors from it. Design can make you answerable only in part of the structure and dimensional parameters.


It can be concluded that System analysis vs design is the different fields with similar knowledge, but working is different. Also, they have their different task assigned with different tools adhered to them.

This has been a guide to the top difference between System Analysis And Design. Here we also discuss the System Analysis And Design key differences with infographics and comparison table. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

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