what is the secret word in g’s secret mission | Spanglers – General Blog News

I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure that the secret word in G's secret mission is "mission."
what is the secret word in g’s secret mission | Spanglers – General Blog News
what is the secret word in g’s secret mission | Spanglers – General Blog News

Listed below are step-by-step directions for finishing Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission on Membership Penguin.


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1. Speak with Gary the Gadget Man.


He asks you to resolve a riddle.

2. Use your spy cellphone, or the map within the top-left nook, to go to the Ski Mountain.

3. Click on the signal put up on the mountain.

The indicators all have secret-agent code on them.

4. Decode the signal on the suitable, for the Bunny Hill.

It says: mogul

(The opposite indicators say slide, tube, and hill, however you don’t want to make use of these. If you wish to decode them, use the code translator within the bottom-right nook.)

5. Return to the Sport Store, and speak with G.

6. Kind mogul after which click on “That is the phrase!”

G now tells you your mission is to test-drive his new prototype sled.

7. Put the sled in your stock.

8. Go to Ski Mountain.

9. Take the sled out of your stock, and click on the signal TEST Run.


10. Click on “Sure, I need to take a look at G’s sled now” if you want to check G’s sled.

11. Steer the sled along with your mouse.

Don’t fear should you hit issues and might’t steer very effectively. You’re alleged to crash!


You get up within the Membership Penguin outback, behind the mountain.

12. Put the Survival Information in your stock.

13. Transfer to the left, and put the rope in your stock.

You’ll be able to learn the Survival Information if you wish to see how one can full the mission. Click on the Survival Information within the top-left nook to learn it.


14. Scroll again to the suitable, after which transfer ahead to the O berry bush.


15. Put three O berries in your stock.

You’ll be able to put all three O berries in the identical stock slot.


16. Transfer a bit to the suitable of the O berry bush, to the tree with a pot in its branches.

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17. Shake the tree trunk thrice.


The pot falls out.

18. Put the pot in your stock.

19. Transfer again to the left a bit until you see the stump.


20. Transfer ahead to the stump.

You see 5 puffles.

21. Click on one of many puffles.

The inexperienced, purple, pink, and blue puffles run away.


22. Out of your stock, give an O berry to the black puffle.

He’s now your buddy.

23. Transfer to the left until you see the log.


24. Transfer to the log.

25. Put the ski within the bush on the left in your stock.

26. Now get again to the O berry bush.

27. When you’re by the O berry bush, go left until you see the stream.


28. Transfer to the stream.

29. On the stream, go left.

30. In your stock, put the rope on the ski.


31. Now put take an O berry out of your stock and put it in your new fishing pole.


32. Take the pole out of your stock, and click on the stream.


You caught a fish!

33. Put the fishing pole again in your stock.

34. Put the fish in your stock.

35. Take the pot out of your stock.

36. Click on the pot on the stream.

The pot scoops up some water.


37. Put the pot filled with water again in your stock.

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38. Go to the suitable until you see the cave.

To the suitable is a log.


39. Put the log in your stock.


40. Transfer to the cave.

41. Click on the bushes, after which stroll into the cave.


42. Within the cave, transfer to the suitable.

43. Click on a stone to make a hearth ring.


44. Take the log out of your stock, and put it within the hearth ring.


45. Take the Survival Information out of your stock, and put it on the log.

The information is torn up and put across the log.


46. Take the final O berry out of your stock, and provides it to the puffle.

The puffle lights the fireplace.

47. Take the fish out of your stock, and put it on the fireplace.


48. Click on the fish to eat it.

49. Take the pot of water out of your stock, and put it on the fireplace.


50. Click on the pot of water to drink it.

You go to sleep, after which get up.

51. Transfer to the left to depart the cave.

Exterior, an agent (Jet Pack Man) flies in with a jet pack and talks to you.

52. Inform him what occurred.


He takes you again to G.

53. Again in G’s workplace, inform G what occurred.


54. Make sure to acquire your medal and letter.

You’re performed!

Did I miss something?

Waddle on!

(If you wish to see how one can do the opposite undercover agent missions, go to our Mission Information web page:

~Mr Snowball3~

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