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who is this girl i see | Spanglers – General Blog News
who is this girl i see | Spanglers – General Blog News


This line is from the song “Reflection,” sung by Lea Salonga as the voice of Mulan, from the movie Mulan (1998).

Back in Mulan’s day, women were supposed to honor the family by finding a good husband. That was basically life goal No. 1. Mulan, whose character is based on Hua Mulan, the legendary character from Chinese history, epically fails her matchmaking meeting so she feels like she’s let the family down.

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Mulan undergoes an identity crisis, wanting to make her family proud but not being able to do so through her traditional role. She’s all dressed up, with makeup on and her hair in a fancy up-do, but she doesn’t recognize herself when she sees her reflection. She realizes that this isn’t who she wants to be. She feels like her destiny is bigger than marrying some random dude, and she wants to figure out what the future holds.

Where you’ve heard it

Christina Aguilera sang a version of this song for the official soundtrack, and the accompanying video features Aguilera sporting a sweet Rachel-from-Friends haircut. Compared to other Disney Princesses, Mulan was the first Miss Independent.

Pretentious Factor

If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would you get an in-unison “awww” or would everyone roll their eyes and never invite you back? Here it is, on a scale of 1-10.

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It’s okay, identity crises happen to everyone. Just try and funnel that confusion into saving the world, like Mulan does.

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