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A lonely troll, King Gristle, found a little girl under his castle while he was out on an adventure. He took her home with him and she became his queen. They had two children together, but the family grew restless when the
who plays king gristle in trolls | Spanglers – General Blog News
who plays king gristle in trolls | Spanglers – General Blog News

Trollstice! Our at some point to be glad! „ ~ King Gristle Sr. planning for his son Prince Gristle to style his first Troll to really feel happiness. “ Prince Gristle: What is going to make me glad now?King Gristle: Come right here, son…. nothing. Completely nothing. You’ll by no means, by no means, by no means, by no means be glad. „ ~ King Gristle Sr. to Prince Gristle after the latter asks what’s going to make him glad after the Trolls escaped.

King Gristle Sr. is the overarching antagonist of DreamWorks’ thirty-third full-length animated characteristic movie Trolls. He’s the previous King of the Bergens, who was Prince Gristle’s father and Chef’s former grasp.

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He was voiced by John Cleese.


King Gristle Sr. has twin tasks: main the fickle, simply distracted Bergens and elevating his solely son Prince Gristle. He additionally enjoys consuming Trolls as he believes that it is the solely method to make everybody in Bergentown (together with his son) glad, making him a menace to the Trolls. Regardless of this, Gristle Sr. genuinely loves his son and tends to be trustworthy with him, saying that he felt nervous when consuming his first Troll as a younger Bergen and sadly telling that there isn’t any different method to be glad as a result of Trolls’ escape.


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King Gristle Sr. is an unpleasant darkish inexperienced Bergen with some grey hair and purple eyes with pink sclera. He wears a purple cape with fur on it, a burgundy jacket, burgundy trousers, yellow flip flops, and a gold crown on his head.


King Gristle Sr. is awoken on the day of Trollstice (the at some point when Bergens can really feel glad by consuming a troll) by his toddler son Prince Gristle, who’s getting excited for his first style of a Troll. Nevertheless, the Trolls (led by their very own chief King Peppy) escape Bergentown by underground tunnels, a lot to the Bergens’ shock. Angered by this, King Gristle Sr. blames Chef for letting the Trolls escape (as she was chargeable for the preparation of the feast) and banishes her from Bergentown, prompting Chef to vow revenge on Bergentown for her humiliation. That night time, Prince Gristle asks what’s going to make him glad now that the Trolls have escaped. The King picks up his son and sadly tells that nothing else will make him really feel glad.

20 years later, Prince Gristle is now King of the Bergens, hinting that his father both died, stepped down or was dethroned. He could have additionally gotten sick, which means his son is king regent and would rule till his father will get higher. Nevertheless, it’s almost certainly that he was dethroned by his topics, in line with the Trolls web site.

Finally, ultimately, Gristle quickly realized that consuming the Trolls do not carry happiness, however that happiness was one thing that was wanted to introduced out by itself, as identified by his profitable date along with his scullery maid Bridget (secretly organized by the Trolls themselves). Lastly realizing that his father was mistaken about gaining happiness, Gristle fortunately agrees to type a peace between the Bergens and Trolls, a lot to their delight.


  • King Gristle is the second DreamWorks character to be performed by John Cleese, the primary being King Harold within the Shrek movies.
  • It’s not talked about within the movie what turned of King Gristle Sr. after the 20-year time skip. Nevertheless in line with Prince Gristle’s profile on the Trolls web site, it says that the King was dethroned by his topics after the Trolls escaped, earlier than being changed by his younger son.
  • It’s also assumed that Gristle Sr.’s unseen spouse is lifeless, as if she was alive, she would have served as Queen Regent till Prince Gristle got here of age.
  • It could be an exaggeration to name King Gristle Sr. a villain as he solely needed to make all of Bergentown (largely his son) glad, however he nonetheless counts as a menace as he needed to feed the Trolls to the Bergens (even admitting to Prince Gristle that he felt nervous when consuming his first Troll as a baby).
    • He was additionally arguably chargeable for the occasions within the movie.

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