The official websites of Wijeya Newspapers Limited and its publications did not contain information on the organisational structure and key individuals. Although the company was formed in under the name of Wijeya Publications Limited, it started publishing weekly Irida Lankadeepa newspaper in , and shortly afterwards the daily Lankadeepa newspaper in My aim is to send these students to the society with a strong personality and confidence. Horizon kids began to proceed freely in the fields of singing music and dancing. Business Sectors Publishing, TV broadcasting, real estate, tourism, recruitment consultancy. Deshaya Sunday Edition 0. Though they do not even have a teacher for aesthetic subjects, the skills they showed was excellent in their dances.

wijaya pariganaka

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Business Sectors Publishing, TV broadcasting, real estate, tourism, recruitment consultancy.

Wijaya Pariganaka 2015 August

The ownership structure of Wijeya Newspapers Limited was re-confirmed by the information gathered from the annual returns at the Department wihaya Registrar of Companies. He had enough time before the appointment and he just let himself astray along the streets of Colombo. Dian Gomes invited Wanni to present a few more used computers to the school. Our applauses brightened their little faces with joy.


Wijaya Pariganaka – Magazine | By General

He is the son of well-known media owner D. Later both designed the enticing website www. Wanni in its February issue. I must mention that the site is one of the most picturesque websites I have ever seen. Such is the vision of this iron-willed young man. Even today, home guards armed with T rifles, guard the village in the bunkers scattered around the village.

Anusha wijay Gayani are following a computer course in Anuradhapura. While talking to Wanni he decided to recruit this determined young man into his team.

Wijaya pariganaka easy guide pdf

Wanni went to Colombo with the magazine. Wanni, using the Help Menu, taught himself the art of using a PC first.

In the future we will be able to repair our computers by ourselves. I went to see the Horizon kids on April 15 missing the New Year at home. He also holds 0. Gaminitillake will help them in the future.

Wijaya Pariganaka – – Jan – it Spider

Many Sri Lankan expatriate professionals have come forward to help the horizon kids after visiting the website. Operating Profit in Mill. When wijaha computer has become a toy in the hands of Colombo metropolitan kids and Sri Lankan kids become the owners of software development companies, Mahavilachchiya kids were taken refuge in the jungle fearing LTTE attacks. Those smiles completely swept away the last fragments of my worry about missing my family on the New Year day.


They attacked the village several times during the period between To me it is a fairy tale beginning with hardships and a pleasant ending. Recruitment Consultancy Sarathi Ltd.

wijaya pariganaka

But this center provides an opportunity for the students to get together. The second issue of the Horizon came out as a computer printout. As such, this information was obtained by referencing secondary sources and pariyanaka information sent by the company.

wijaya pariganaka

Everybody will learn computers alone. As a result they were able to lay the foundation stone to their dream computer center.

Wijayya serves as the founding Chairperson and majority shareholder of Wijeya Newspapers Limited. They paved the way for Wanni to the school.

Donald Gaminitilake worked in Japan as an image technologist, for a long time. Official website of Wijeya Newspapers, Accessed on 10 August