This plug-in is described in this documentation later on in more details. Peak level versus input frequency for Blackman window with optimized calculation. The input signal for both pictures is a sine with a SNR of exactly 60dB. If you are using the analyzer in oscilloscope mode, the FFT size define the display buffer size. The power spectrum display is a very versatile tool. It is possible to shift complete samples or based on sample rate conversion interpolation fractions of samples to get precise results.


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The spectrogram is a powerful tool to analyze a signal combined in the time and frequency domain. This setup is similar to the noise setup.

A signal generator to stimulate the Device Under Test DUT and an analyzer to measure certain parameters of the test object. You can also move the complete line. WinAudioMLS uses a special peak level calculation that reaches a precision of less than 0.


If you click the right button, a menu appears. The main signal energy is in the low frequency range which fits the best to typical loudspeakers.

Filter designer to integrate a digital filter for both the signal generators output and the input of the analyzer. After calibration we get significant better results. The loudspeakers must be adequately dimensioned, to reach sufficient sound level. In addition there are many areas in the industrial winahdiomls.


Our Mission We are your specialist for audio winaudoimls, from software to turnkey solutions plus many add-ons. Use a quit environment. The current curve is always winaudionls in its regular color in the foreground. The inband-level is influenced by the measurement window. In both modes you can analyze the signal in the frequency domain winaudiomlls or phase or in the time domain.

If THD measurements are performed and you cannot use the certain frequencies mentioned above, the best results are achieved with the Rife-Vincent or Blackman windows. The time difference is displayed with parameter viewers, which are configured automatically. This program will copy all required files to your harddisk. However, this noise level of —dB is a spectral densitywhich has to winauidomls integrated over the frequency range.

Measurement data as a text file. Line chart or bar graph with peak hold. With the rectangular window set to on, you will monitor sidelobes.

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The second channel reference red is flat. They can be connected to specially equipped soundcards or pre-amplifiers, only. The main peak widens. You can define a threshold for each parameter. With a special color scheme you can visualize the time variations in a much intuitive way.


WinAudioMLS (free version) download for PC

With the zoom function, you can select certain frequency ranges. With one channel you connect input and output. This feature is ideal for intermodulation testing, because the difference or quotient of the generator frequencies remain constant.

Frequency shifts can be encountered with many measurements.


The most widely used curve is the DIN ‘A’ curve. This error is clearly visible if we increase the FFT size to If the level is too high, you will get distortion causing harmonic components.


This setup is similar to an analog filter connected between input and output of a soundcard. Both signals are divided in the frequency domain and result to the frequency response.