You can also look at the menu at ‘waypoint manager’ to see if the necessary waypoints are also swipe to the left and right to see more options. Also the amount of pictures can take a large part of your storage. WinGPS 5 Voyager is set up for this and will pass on your position safely. Clicking on it or double-clicking will give you more information. Download GRIB-files voor de weersvoorspelling van uw vaargebied voor de komende 16 dagen als goede voorbereiding voor uw reis of wedstrijd. You get a red cursor and red position if your GPS does not have a fix.

wingps voyager

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In the middle of these activities Hetterschijt has gone bankrupt, leaving me with the question how i can fix this myselve.

wingps voyager

Move this to the correct location. Indicate your CPA and Voyager will give you a warning when a ship is on collision course. WinGPS 5 Voyager bevat polaire diagrammen van ruim verschillende boottypen waaronder: Ideal for example for the Wadden or the crossing to England. Kijk vooruit in de tijd met de tijdschuif en bepaal wanneer voor u het beste tijdstip is wiingps te vertrekken, gebaseerd op stroming, getijden en wind.

New WinGPS 5 Voyager available now!! – Stentec Navigation

This page was generated in 0. You get a red cursor and red position if your GPS does not have a fix. This is done in the menu under ‘Settings – Route network’. If you want to connect it to the Android tablet, it must be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The GRIB files are now going to be downloaded.


Dan zet u eenvoudig en snel een route uit over de staandemastroute en kunt u meteen zien hoe lang uw reis duurt met alle bruggen- en sluizeninformatie.

If you press ‘stop waypoint editing’ you can start navigating to the waypoint. Polair diagram voor optimale routeplanning ruim beschikbare schepen. Can anyone help me on this or maybe help me get in contact with the other owner??

wingps voyager

Dan kunt u zelf een polair diagram opnemen met Voyager en aangesloten windmeter, of een reeds bestaand polair diagram aanpassen naar de gewenste data. The DKW series is an example of a grid chart.

How do I remove old charts? It’s important that your tablet allows the app to use the full RAM and not limit it to, for example, MB.

Connecting Simrad IS20 to miniplexer

Colin owner of Hilde – a Go back and now click on the button ‘Instruments’, below the button ‘Connections’. Actuele weer- en stromingsinformatie uit GRIB-files. With the time bar, the track can be simulated to see which AIS ships will be crossed. If this did’t answer your question please contact our helpdesk Contact form What are the abbreviations used in the settings screen and instrument monitor?

I don’t see any waypoints or names of the cities and waters. Since i had no idea how I have asked Hetterschijt to do this. This will show the AIS objects on the chart, including name, MMSI number, call sign, measurements, destination, freight and, of course, speed and course of the ship.


If this does not help enough, you can go to ‘Settings’ and to ‘Advanced’, and increase ’tile cache’.

The chart view will automatically follow your location if you have a GPS fix and pushed the ‘follow’ button in the upper right of the chart screen. The app will now automatically become the paid version. If this did’t answer your question please contact our helpdesk Contact form Can I copy my charts from my device to the SD card, to save space on my device?

Workshop WinGPS 5 Voyager

How to export the routes, tracks or waypoints from my laptop to my tablet, or the other way around? These are updated monthly. Can we assist you? These can be downloaded and deleted to clear the memory of your tablet.

Door uw boordinstrumenten te koppelen, verandert uw laptop in vojager volledig navigatiesysteem. Once you double click on a bridge or lock you will see all available information.