Build an associative array of form elements and their values from the specified form. The value to be assigned to the id attribute. The prefix to be used. The global callback object which is active for every request. This stores a reference to the global xajaxPluginManager. If the command handler returns false, then the command is considered pending; xajax enters a wait state. Determines if a call is a xajax request or a page load request.

xajax core js

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xajad Returns true The object has not exhausted all the retries. This allows a little flexibility in setting the naming for the wrapper functions. Appends a value to a named member of the current script context object.

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If empty, xajax fills in the current URI that initiated this request. Insert a new element before the specified element. Returns string The current method configured.

xajax core js

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Xajaax an event handler to the specified element. Prints the xajax Javascript header and wrapper code into your page. Examples Samples code demonstrating the use of the new Xajax library are provided in the xajax-examples package: The name of the attribute to set.


Events are triggered during the processing of a request. Group configuration options of Jaxon library in a configuration file, and load it.

The new Xajax is out, and the new Xajax is cool! – Le Ti’Blog

The number of times the operation should be attempted before a failure is indicated. The parameters to pass to the function. Cropped from the question.

Used internally by xajax. I did this but didn’t work: This is the main server side engine for xajax.

Migrating from Xajax to Jaxon | Jaxon

corw This version of the package is still an early alpha release, not yet suitable for use in production. The request will immediately return, the response will be processed when and if it is received. The value to be assigned to the name attribute. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. A request object, created initially by a call to xajax.

The new Xajax is out, and the new Xajax is cool!

Improving the question-asking experience. Migrating from Xajax to Jaxon. The object to track the retry count for.


The value to be assigned to the id attribute. The xajax class uses a modular plug-in system to facilitate the processing of special Ajax requests made by a PHP page.

xajax core js

Add a LINK reference to the specified. Read the New featuresEvolved features and Deprecated features pages to learn more about the differences between Xajax and Jaxon. Returns unknown For asynchronous calls, the return value will always be the value set for xajax. Construct and return a new queue object. Create a blank callback object. When a command returns false, the processing is halted.