Xbindkeys is available in most repos. Also all functions that work in guile will work for xbindkeys. I make use of workspaces in Linux and sometimes it’s a pain to flip to another workspace when I’m using the mouse. This release does not grab a keysym not mapped on the keyboard and prevents an AnyKey grab. Other Packages Related to xbindkeys depends recommends suggests enhances dep: This page is also available in the following languages How to set the default document language:. But then your boss comes over and you quickly have to pause it?


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I want to map various mouse actions to key presses using xbindkeys. I make use of workspaces in Linux and sometimes it’s a pain to flip to another workspace when I’m using the mouse. The window will then close and the terminal will print out what to write in your config to use that key. Just trying to find a hint why it works xbinndkeys my system, but not on yours. This will need programming, but should be comparatively straightforward.

Post as dbindkeys guest Name. Asked 3 months ago.


Sign up using Facebook. Mapping Your Mouse Buttons in Linux At my new gig at Xbindkeyw Hat I’ve been trying to use the mouse less and less but still find myself using it occasionally so why not tweak it and use it efficiently? Post as a guest Name. It links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using a configuration file.


First xbindieys is to figure out what your mouse is sending out so you can use those values in a script. It was originally not clear that every defined keypress also depended on the state of numlock, capslock, etc. All my attempts to do this in my. Input DevicesUser Interface: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. One is the ‘Standby’ or ‘Sleep’ key. These mappings are per device, so this is actually possible, but this is done via an IOCTL, and there seem to be no ready-made tools for it other than the hwdb in udev.

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. To add other shortcuts, repeat the procedure above. This fixes a bug where, in the previous version, a keypress was needed to reload the configuration file after a keybinding change.

xbindkeys(1): grabbing keys program for X – Linux man page

In all cases, you can identify what key combination you have to use with –key or –multikey options. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Xbinekeys users and developers. Useful program This is a great program, especially for the keyboards with extra keys like volume adjustments, etc.



Gilles how would I go about doing that? Add new rows like this.

Package: xbindkeys (1.8.6-1 and others)

Digging around I found xbindkeys. Below is a summary of what has been tried – although I’d like to map several mouse actions so far I’ve just been trying to xbinndkeys a right-button mouse click. Sign up using Email xbindkys Password. Xbindkeys is in many ways similar to AutoHotkey in that it can mimic key presses, so we simply need to map a mouse button to the same key presses:.

Terminal will show you the 3-line code of the pressed key.

Open a terminal as root and type:. Then run the command as shows below.


Mapping mouse events to key presses using xbindkeys Ask Question. The last example was the one that fitted my case best, so I adapted that one.