Only 75 emoji are allowed. Another problem arised After genrating hacked image the error occured It says “there was one more fatal errors: I wanna ask you something Plz help me I wanna update my console and i m confused weather i have jtag or rgh!! Posted October 14, When i was done copying nand with nand flasher ,i saw the left bottom of screen where the name of console shows.

xblse files

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Xbox stealth files

Reply to this topic Start new topic. By appokruznzSeptember 4, in DashLaunch. Posted September 10, Thnx for quick reply Man u r awsome!! Then simply flash the nand with Xell powering the console on with the eject button and having the new nand on a usb drive.

Online Jtag/RGH | XBLSE | 16537 | Platinum | Hosting For Subs!

Javascript must be enabled to use Listia. Avatars and kinect features are available on stock and glitch nand without special trick.


xblse files

I don’t “think” i KNOW. Its pretty sad that people like you have to J tag and mod your consoles and games to win at games. Posted September 17, Posted October 15, Thank you in adavance for filez response. I also tried horizon and usbxtaf to inject the the folder.

Xbox Jtag or RGH Hack Easy Update to Dashboard with XeBuild GUI | Page 9 | Digiex

I’m not sure, i don’t have a 4GB Trinity to check it on right now, but Posted October 10, Jul 26th, at Re download xeBuild GUI 2. I’m more than happy to use what is deemed appropriate by the developers, and after all it’s FREE!

Paste as plain text instead. How Do I Get Ink? Log in or Sign up.

Most SDK’s are available on xboxiso. Also, I’m more than happy to wait for the next release when it’s appropriate.

xblse files

I see your argument and I understand it- but I’m not the type of guy to turn on godmode filed every game or kick people offline. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 2 of 3. Does this will brick my xbox or something else? InsaneNutterJul 27, How exactly does it work.


xblse files

Isbah AhmedJul 27, I need your help once again Its not my problem,it’s my friend’s. First, I’d like to say big thanks for those that do for people like me that don’t.

Xbox 360 Jtag or RGH Hack Easy Update to Dashboard 17502 with XeBuild GUI

InsaneNutterJul 30, Or do I have to install avatars from this https: Posted September 11, I downloaded nand flasher But problem is how i see it in xex menu? I know i am doing something filew but i don’t know what. It is against Microsofts terms of service, so they will ban your console, and account if they catch you.