So far, the only things that do not work but this is registration related is the QuickConnect functionality but it can easily be overcome by setting up a custom DDNS and the Push Notification to the DS Finder app. Now that your VM is off, go ahead and edit its settings. This guide is only for 5. Posted August 14, edited. Once installed, head over to system information and verify that the serial and mac address are correct. I followed it, and am now looking at a lovely new install.

xpenology 5.0

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Once the installation is complete and the system is up and running the webpage will refresh and you will be taken to the login screen. I do want to point out to those fellow Linux users I have updated the BIOS, and have all the xpenoolgy right on it.

For that you can use ftp on port 22 or scp or pscp for windows. How can I do it?

xpenology 5.0

I figured that out after looking around indeed. By bottmanJuly 14, in Legacy Outdated Tutorials.

Upgrade XPEnology (DSM) 4.1 to 5.0 on HP N36L

Like Abdessamad, my bootorder is not persistent. For the serial I changed the last 5 digits. All theses steps are shown in this article. Tag Cloud Your browser doesn’t support this tag cloud. DSM will be installed and the system will reboot. I will say after “playing” with serial numbers I have loaded bootdisk jun’s loader on a disk and it boots, but I xpfnology connect some sort of network problem any ideas?


I just couldn’t locate a solid guide and opted to take notes as I went about my install, then shared Posted August 5, Please like it or share it. I am also assuming you mounted the drives in vSphere as “raw” drives.

Install Xpenology DSM x on Proxmox – UxOra

Mine shows up as Migratable, but that’s because I probably had a previous DSM installation on the machine as I’d been experimenting with different versions already. I forgot to mention that, in my case, my Proxmox server NIC eth0 link with vmbr0 bridge is connected to a router with dhcp. Well if EFI really doesn’t work for you, you can still use the bootloader as a disk and boot on it dpenology I have explained to Belokan a few posts before.

It’s the 5th Icon from the top right inside of DSM.

upgrade XPEnology 5.1 to 5.2 on ESXi

I have no troubles setting up everything as you mentioned but here comes my problem and i hope you can help me with it. My installation process however seemed to only download the latest major release e. This thread helped me though so thank you.

That’s the installation covered, in the next post I will be covering the basic configuration of the Synology software. The Update 3 xpenoloyy 5. Open nanoboot img file NanoBoot Current nas units are 3 x Synology DSJ’s. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


If on the other hand you are like me, poor tight, you can run XPEnology on your own hardware.

xpenology 5.0

Posted August 14, Launch the Synology Assistant application and click Search. Obviously you made it to the bottom of the rabbit hole since you are running DSM 5. I used to rock an older Intel SSe with its 4 bay max Yup I should have read the vast amount of posts on the forums prior to install but then again the forums aren’t the most user friendly in terms of ease of use for the less experienced amongst us It confused me and took me long enough to decide on which bootloader to use, started with gynoboot but struggled to update to Update 3 with any updates saying they weren’t for my NAS so then I tried with nanoboot and updated successfully which is where I am at now.

See below URL for an updated version of this guide with images.

xpenology 5.0