There are other concerns too, with incrementals. Clearly others have not had my issue so what ever the cause Easus was able to succeed where some others failed. The latter are well known to fail when needed. For every mail sent and received count 3 days. You might want to check that out. If you happen to restore a such a system files backup after you install software, that software will be broken. I for one prefer an Imaging Program that runs by itself and not while Windows itself is still open.

xxclone softpedia

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Very solid imaging program. Everyone should be making back up copies of their data and placing it on a cd or dvd. There are other concerns too, with incrementals. I do not want to install Acronis makes to many things in the system, I dislike that.

Comparing 20 Drive Imaging Software Backup/Restore Speed and Image Size •

You made this process a little easier. Siraj 5 years ago.

xxclone softpedia

New in XXClone Home 2. Only good thing is you can use your Windows installation disk as a rescue disk. Saj 10 years ago. It is very easy to use and i have never had any problems or corrupted restore images. The free version do an amazing job, is very fast and have very much features. My goal was to simply duplicate a GB drive onto a GB drive….


UEFI boot and GPT partition support, unattended mode, huge number of file systems supported, restore to several devices at once, SE version can be used for mass cloning.

xxclone softpedia

I recently needed to transfer a Win XP system to another drive. Some products have serious problems with incrementals read their support websites.

The best and most complete comparison between osftpedia applications. Not sure what the difference is between Windows images and the images created by these other software, but since I am only looking for a good, robust image of my: This Win XP system had been re installed about a year ago with much aggravation due to the slftpedia of my original disks and the various SP updates.

Apparently test results from W8. StevoW 5 years ago.

xxclone softpedia

Experienced users are free to tinker with additional settings. Ideal for periodic backup, or a one-time disk upgrade, or migration. HAL Author 8 months ago.

Comparing 20 Drive Imaging Software Backup/Restore Speed and Image Size

If it did, this would be my backup software for sure. WinPE or Linux rescue media is available. They must get paid somehow. Now, I think many people use back up imaging software wrongly.


As a Windows 7 bit user, I used every single one of these backups at one time or another and I can tell you, from experience, the two most reliable and fastest are Active Boot Disk and Macrium. However we are using Serverand even StorageCraft has had some issues with incrementals as they just released an update to fix some issues which are mainly seen on Vista and Server and Windows 7 and Server R2.

This makes it simple to setup and operate but it also means AX64 is not as fully featured or configurable as traditional imaging applications. Jim Carter 6 years ago. XXClone Home is a good option if you want to make sure your data is safe at all times.

Files and folders backup and restore.

Nitrogen [ Automotive ] by Bobcat00 Backup data with command line prompt.