I wish I could say I was smart enough to come up with that slogan from the start. Switch to full version. I just discovered it was also used at the Victorian Championships in Melbourne. In addition to playing Scrabble, I love to read, write, play golf, and observe the night sky. How do users let you know about problems or requests? Also, several users have been very patient and helpful as they help me debug problems that I can’t recreate on my own computer.

zyzzyva scrabble

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zyzzyva scrabble

The review for Zyzzyva has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC. If anyone enjoys Zyzzyva and would like to send a donation, there is a PayPal link on the main Zyzzyva page. National Scrabble Championship and the U.

Zyzzyva Download – Word study program useful for Scrabble championships

Zyzzyva has been downloaded about 24, times since January Software Downloads Educational Educational Zyzzyva. What other word games do you think it could be useful for?

zyzzyva scrabble

Many users send me email at the address listed on the main Zyzzyva page. However, I also have to give a lot of credit to the users of Zyzzyva who have given me valuable suggestions and feedback.

NASPA Zyzzyva Download – NASPAWiki

I’ll put you on the Word-Buff Stuff! In CSW, it finds an additional three words: I hope to attain an even higher rank than that! In addition to playing Scrabble, I love to read, write, play golf, and observe the night sky.


I have a lot of big ideas, but I’m not sure which one I’ll work on next.

srabble Later on, after I had picked the name, I realized that since “zyzzyva” was also the last word in alphabetical order it has since been replaced by “zzz”I could call Zyzzyva “the last word” in word study. Several lexicons are provided with Zyzzyva, including the official word lists for Scrabble tournament play in North America OWL2 and Scrabble tournament play throughout most of the rest of the world CSW. I really appreciate your time.

We encourage you to review our privacy policy to make sure that you understand how your data is managed, and to zyzzva us if you have any questions.

NASPA Zyzzyva Download

When you connect to this website, you send your IP scrbble and sometimes some cookies. Since I’m a programmer, I figured I could write a decent program myself, so I did.

A collection of games to help you improve language skills in English, Ger, Span and French.

Zyzzyva is absolutely free? Are there any copyright issues around using Zyzzyva that users should be careful about?

zyzzyva scrabble

Page Discussion View source History. This is a good way to reach me, though I must admit that I can be pretty bad at responding to email in a timely manner. Can you tell us the story behind Zyzzyva’s creation and why existing Scrabble helpers, like Lexpert, weren’t enough? When searching for words using a Search tab, you can place a group of letters inside square brackets to tell Zyzzyva to match any of those letters.


I like to think I’m a decent player, in large part due to my use of Zyzzyva. Anyone can download it and start learning words right zgzzyva, and it makes me happy when other people are happy.

Older releases are made available on an as-is, unsupported basis and may not include current word lists. I think Scrabble players represent the vast majority of Zyzzyva users. Zyzzyva on bit and bit PCs This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from educational software without restrictions.

Facebook Google Twitter Yahoo. But first, I thought you might like to see who we’re talking to. Other than that, I don’t get much time for other word games. I’m afraid to list names of other people who have helped, because I know I will forget someone, but some others who have been very helpful are Richard Buck, Scrabhle C.

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